Something New for a New Year

No more numbers. I started this blog with the intention of counting down the days until I got that first book contract. Besides the fact that that train has long since fallen off the track, I realize that with the huge changes the publishing industry is experiencing, that contract could take much longer than I anticipated. Perhaps my earlier thinking was due to the fact that I came from the world of nonfiction, writing features for magazines and newspapers, where gratification was realized within months, sometimes weeks, of getting your words down.

So I’ve decided to keep the title as I will still, in my head, be counting down the days until I obtain that somewhat elusive book contract. But because I can’t always update this blog in a timely matter consistent with a ‘countdown style’, this year I will simply try to update consistently. After all, when it comes to writing being consistent is just one of the necessary traits a would be author needs.

The novella that I had submitted to a publisher back in December was rejected. On the upside, the rejection letter was very helpful as the editor took the time to point out why the story didn’t work for him. Knowing how busy editors today are, I was not only grateful but hopeful that this story has potential. I just need to start rewriting it, taking this editor’s comments into consideration. And I will.

The critique group I am a part of, called Group 10 as that was the number we were given after finishing a training with our chapter, is a wonderful bonus in my writing life. These wonderfully talented writers not only help point out the good and bad in my story, but they are the pat on the back every writer needs on those days when you’re just not sure whether you can keep writing. Currently they are critiquing the novella for me and my goal is to send it out again by early spring.

Being the new VP-Programs of the RWA-WF chapter of the RWA is a learning experience. I am enjoying working with my fellow board members as we plan our chapter’s mini conference that will take place during the RWA national conference in July in Anaheim, California. Funny, but one of my goals in addition to a book contract was to attend nationals for the first time this year. I had no inkling at that time that I would be playing a part in putting the conference together – at least the conference activities for my chapter.

I recently became one of the blogging bunch for another chapter, the LIRW (Long Island Romance Writers). My second blog will be up on February 5. You can check the blog out at This chapter consists of a great group of women who I was lucky enough to meet during their annual Agent/Editor Luncheon. This year in addition to blogging for LIRW I have joined the planning committee for the 2012 agent/editor luncheon. I’m looking forward to another great day of networking.

I’ve jumped into 2012 with both feet, juggling both my writing goals and my volunteer commitments. It’s my hope that they will fuel one another and keep me moving forward. And if I work consistently, just maybe one day this year I’ll be able to let you know that my countdown has ended – at least for my first book.

What  goals will you be juggling in 2012?


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