Day 38

My days here are all scrabbled, as my original intention was to post a blog every day. Though that every day goal has dwindled down to every week or so, thankfully my thoughts and writing are not scrabbled.

Today is the first day of Finish the Book’s, a sub-chapter of the online chapter Faith, Hope & Love, BIAW or Book In a Week challenge. My goal to write 1000 words has been recorded in the group’s data base. Today I wrote 1374, exceeding that goal. This story has veered away from my original plans and for the better. Though I’ve got a half filled notebook of notes, character sketches and scenes, I love just letting whatever comes to me flow onto the page. Or, in this case, the computer screen. I’m pleased with my first few pages but realistic. Starting is always easy. It’s the staying that’s tough. But if this week’s challenge isn’t enough to keep me on track, I have the Nanowrimo challenge on its heels to keep me going. After a break neck month of writing in September, I’ve enjoyed filling the well with books, trade magazines and lots of blog reading. Now I’m ready to go.

And since I’ll be writing every day for the next month, I’ll try to keep my original goal and post something here every day. Might just get me back on track.

Happy Halloween and happy writing!










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