Day 34

It’s been a rainy week and while I usually drag myself to my desk, the last four days have been very productive.  It’s been exactly one week since I posted about my intention to enter a novella writing contest being held by Avon Romance. Though there will be three finalists, the grand prize winner will be chosen by none other than Debbie Macomber. I know I gushed about her in my last post, but she truly is an inspiration to me. Debbie Macomber overcame Dyslexia to become one of the best selling authors in her genre. Her story can best be found in the pages of her first non-fiction title, Knit Together. Not only do I own the title but have read it three times because I enjoy Debbie’s writing so much.

Last post I had written 2K on the novella and my story was still finding its legs. Today I’m popping at the seams with happiness having clicked on ‘word count’ to find I am just shy of 13K. With the maximum being 25K, it looks like I am more than halfway to goal! What’s even more important than the numbers is the story. I’m thrilled with the twists and turns I’ve managed to come up with.  My first completed novel is an inspirational women’s fiction story. Garden Variety, the novel I’m currently working on, is a story about the relationships between mothers and daughters. Yes, there’s a bit of romance in there but nothing like the novella I am working on for this contest.

This morning I shared the details of my story with my daughter, an aspiring filmmaker who can relate to a creative mind. She loved it! Her reaction “That would make a great Hallmark movie mom!” I love the Hallmark channel. I think I’ve seen every movie they’ve aired and when they announce a new release I mark it on my calendar so as not to miss it. Yes, to some people they might be corny,but to me there’s nothing better than sitting down to watch two characters go through hoops to avoid one another only to end up as their best possible match. With all the bad news out there, who doesn’t need a little HEA(Happily Ever After)? I’ll take my Hallmark movies any day over the ten o’clock news!

Now that I’ve caught you up on what I’ve been doing all week I’m going to head back to my story and see if I can’t hit that 14K mark today. My goal is to have this novella written in full by Tuesday and ready to edit. And on September 30, if not a day or two earlier (I’m a journalist by trade and pride myself on coming in a day or two ahead of deadline) I will be uploading my story and hitting the ‘send’ button with a big smile!

Keep your fingers crossed for me, will you?





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2 responses to “Day 34

  1. I LOVE the hallmark channel, and I don’t care if anyone thinks they’re corny or sappy – like you, I think life is stressful enough, why not spend a few hours with a feel-good movie knowing they’ll find their HEA?
    And 13k is awesome progress on your novella – keep moving forward and pat yourself on the back!

  2. Hurray! It’s nice to know I’m not the only one that loves Hallmark! I agree. Life is stressful enough, and there are far too many sad and tragic stories out there for my taste. And thanks for the encouragement, Debora. It means so much!

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