Day 32

This Monday, instead of fighting procrastination and the lure of housework, I’m off and writing. There’s nothing like a good challenge to get you running to your keyboard, excited to write.

Today is the first day of the BIAW challenge through my RWA chapter, Faith, Hope and Love. Actually, it’s a sub chapter of the chapter, aptly named Finish the Book. This small, warm group of women provides an encouraging and welcoming atmosphere for both aspiring and published writers to complete their novel(s). I can’t even find the right words to express how fond I am of all of these amazing women.

 The BIAW, or Book in a Week, is a seven day writing challenge where each member establishes before day one what their daily or weekly goal for a word count will be. Narelle, who runs the challenge, keeps a spreadsheet with our totals and everyone cheers one another on throughout the challenge. You would be surprised how much one can write when they have a little cyber voice in their ear yelling “yay!” “go, girl!” and “keep on writing!”.  Many writers, like myself, wait for this challenge to either start a new project, work on lost momentum, or complete a project that is due.

So, today I am challenging myself to get my first one thousand words done for the BIAW. My goal is 1k daily and I have chosen a novella that I am writing to enter in a contest in September. Once I have met my daily word count, I’ll jump over to email and shoot off a quick note to let everyone know that I’ve got Monday under my belt.

And then I’ll treat myself by reading everyone else’s posts about what they’re working on and, best of all, I’ll wait for the replies from my chapter mates that shout out “Great job!” “Way to go!” and “Keep on writing!” And I will. Because there’s nothing like a little bit of encouragement to keep you on track!

Who or what  keeps your writing on track?





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2 responses to “Day 32

  1. Unfortunately, it was a bust. Too much chaos and commotion in the family. I’m finding summer is providing more than enough distractions. However, during the hurricane we just had I found myself writing in a notebook and really enjoying it. I’ve forgotten how creative pen and paper makes me feel. So now I’ve got about 5K written towards my 25K goal. Though there’s another BIAW in October, this project needs to be completed long before that. But I have something in the wings waiting and I love taking my laptop outside to write in the cool, crisp autumn air. I just keep on trying!

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