Day 30

This blog has gotten away from me. Or rather I have gotten away from it. Though it was my every intention to update daily, life just seems to get in the way. Lazy, hazy days of summer? Not in my house. It’s been one busy, on the go season with more frequent errands, day trips, chauffering someone somewhere and the siren’s lure of warm weather and a dip in the pool. Despite all that, I have been moving along with my work just at a slower speed than I had hoped for.

In just the last two days I have written a little more than 3400 words on Garden Variety, my second novel. On the flip side, Bethel Christmas Visitor, my first novel, is still waiting on massive edits. An author friend and writing consultant both agreed on one thing “If you  love the story and feel you have something there, don’t walk away from it. Fight for the story.” I love this story. Yes, it is the first novel I have ever written and completed but I still get excited just thinking about it. So I will. I’ll give it a good old college try and see what comes of it.

As for my second novel, Garden Variety, I have completed just a little over twenty-seven thousand words and things are heating up. How ironic since much of the novel takes place outside in the gardens of the Kohler flower farm during an exceptionally hot May. I have lots of twists and turns planned for this story and can’t wait until I can say I have novel 2 under my  belt!

I’m learning so much from Debra Dixon’s book, GMC – Goal, Motivation & Conflict: The Building Blocks of Good Fiction. I’ve been plotting my third novel, something that the pantser in me has never done before. Now I’ve also written up GMC charts for both my heroine and hero. I’m learning a few things about my hero that I didn’t know before. I’m especially excited about this novel because it will take place in a butterfly habitat, an idea that came to me after a day trip to a local butterfly habitat. My hero is a Lepidopterist. How’s that for a mouthful?!? My heroine is new in town. As a teen she was lured away by a trafficking ring while at the mall with a friend. Though she is rescued several years later, life in her small town can never be the same and so she leaves in search of a fresh start. That’s all I can say. Oh, wait, there is one small exciting plan I would like to share. It’s my hope that when (not if – positive thinking here) the book is published I will be able to donate a portion of the sale proceeds to a church group that has made stopping trafficking a part of their ministry. For now I can not reveal their name but someday soon…..

That’s about it in a nutshell. I’m pleased with my progress, excited about my newest story and hopeful that through this story I will be able to make some small contribution to a serious problem that gets very little attention in the media. Thanks to Lisa Bloom and her wonderful book, Think: Straight Talk for Women to Stay Smart in a Dumbed-Down World, for throwing light on this horrible epidemic. I highly recommend every woman to read this book. And it wouldn’t hurt a man to read it either 😀

If the sun is shining in your neck of the woods, get out and enjoy one of the last few weekends of summer. September will be here soon enough!





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