Day 29

It sure is nice to be noticed! I stepped away from this blog for a few days, figuring no one would notice anyway. Yes, I do tweet when I’ve updated this blog. I even post a link to it on Facebook. And I’ve been so happy to see so many comments. But I just didn’t think anyone would notice my absence.

Today, after reading a message from Tonya, a friend and follower of my blog, saying that ‘there have been no new updates. Hope all is well”, I knew it was time to get back on track. It was the gentle prod I needed. 

I’d taken a few days away from my work, hoping to gain some perspective on where to go with both the editing on my completed novel and the middle of my other novel. I also took the opportunity to do something I have never attempted before. I outlined my third novel.

I’m a pantser but I recently mentioned how author Julie Jarnagin shared her plotting outline with me. It sat on my desk for several days before I gave it a good look over. So here I am trying out Julie’s plotting technique, hoping that when it’s time to write this new story I’ll be able to not only take off like a shot but sustain the momentum. Though only on this quest for just a short while, in that time I’ve learned that sustaining the momentum while writing is the most important thing of all. In the near future I’ll let you know how this new approach is going for me.

Aside from this new direction in my work, I am about to crack open a book I’ve been wanting to read for at least a year. No matter what writing website, blog or list I’ve read through, the one book that they all seem to rave about as a ‘must’ for every writer’s shelf is GMC by Debra Dixon. Today my copy came in the mail.

So for today this will be all as I get back to work. Once I’m happy with my day’s work, I’ll sit down with a bottle of water and get reading. I’m hoping this one little book will be another tool in my writer’s tool box. By the end of the week I hope to be able to share my thoughts about the book with you.

So to Tonya and anyone else that wondered where I’ve been, thank you for noticing and….I’m back!




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