Day 27

Like life, sometimes our writing plans get off track. I should have known to expect it since I didn’t even get to my desk until the afternoon. That’s a bad sign right there. I know I shared with you all in a previous blog my surprise to find out I am at my most creative in the early mornings. So by afternoon I’m usually wiped out for the day.

When I should have been adding words to my work in progress, or editing my completed novel, I was sitting at my desk pounding out several short articles for a client. Though I no longer really have any writing clients, I occasionally do some freelance work for one special client, my son. My son has been in business for a little over four years now. That may not seem like much when you look at the history of most successful businesses but when I add that my son is only 19 years old, it throws a different light on things. One of the two companies that he owns often needs website content and SEO work, two very boring types of writing that are anything but creative. I had worked for him for several years and only recently stopped in order to spend more time writing novels. But today he was short a writer and it was Monday.

Mondays are always so hard for me to get going. So when he asked me if I could take on a small job I thought “why not?”. Getting myself to the keyboard to do some writing, any kind of writing, had to be a benefit. I was sure with my hands flying across the keyboard as they were that I would be revved up and ready to get creative. Well, 1500+ words later those articles are written, polished and ready to go. And my work? Did writing those short articles get me motivated?

No. I hate to let this Monday become a total wash. But here I sit typing up my blog, my account of my writing day and all I have to share is that I wrote. I didn’t write what I had intended to write. The words I wrote were good ones but will they get me any closer to the prize? Will they move me down the path to my destination of published writer? Probably not. But hey…I’m still here. I’m still typing, and there’s nothing like accountability to make you feel that little twinge of guilt.

Yeah. That’s what I need on a Monday morning. Good old guilt just might be the best motivator of all. So I’ll sign off here for the day, close my Twitter and Facebook tabs (another twinge) and get to work. And tomorrow when we meet back here I’ll not only have a day’s worth of work to tell you about, I’ll be able to tell you that my Monday wasn’t a complete wash after all!




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