Day 26

Enjoying a leisurely start to my Saturday. I’m hoping to get at least 2000 words written before knocking off today. Though normally I talk about my Saturday Stacks, this weekend I’ll be pushing my reading aside. At least the fun reading anyway.

This might surprise you but in addition to my writing projects, I am trying to finish my degree in Psychology. Last night I was thumbing through my school bag and realized how much I’ve been neglecting my studies. I am two classes away from completing my first semester. For your typical college student it’s probably nothing to write home about but for a full-time writer, homeschooling mom and soon to be forty-nine year old, it’s quite an accomplishment.

I didn’t go to college when I graduated from high school. I had meant to but a series of things through me off the college track. To avoid a long, drawn out story, I’ll just mention that I ended up attending the Ultissima Beauty Institute and getting a hairdresser’s license. My career was short lived as I found out that I really didn’t like  ‘touching ‘people’s heads’.

Despite this wrong turn, I was writing in my spare time and even freelanced for several local papers. Fast forward twenty plus years to my first year of marriage. I had just registered and been accepted to a local college when I found out I was pregnant with my son. As joyous as I was, I was also dismayed to find out that I was one of those women who not only had morning sickness, but morning, noon and night sickness. I could barely keep up with everyday life let alone school.

A few years ago I took some online college courses and found that not only was I enjoying it but that I was quite a good student. Like my quest for a book contract, I set out to get a perfect score. I will tell you that I did have a 4.0. Until I completed, of all things, a communications class. Would you believe it? A writer who didn’t get an A in communications? So that 4.0 has been knocked down to a 3.7 which irritates me to no end.

So today I will be skipping the stacks, ignoring my muse for just a little while and picking up my psychology text. It’s my hope that a weekend of immersing myself in school work will get me caught up. But on Monday it’ll be business as usual.

<Taking off my writing hat and slipping on my student’s cap> To my writer friends, are you moonlighting at something besides writing? What else have you got going on that might surprise your writing colleagues?



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