Day 20

Disconnecting! That’s what I’m doing today. After a rather aggravating day yesterday spent fixing the mess of my hacked Twitter account, I woke up this morning with an aching head and jaw. It’s been quite a while since my TMJ has flared up like it has today. I was feeling twinges of pain yesterday so I shouldn’t be surprised. I shouldn’t be surprised because I know from experience that whenever I’m highly stressed it flares up. So today I’m disconnecting from the world wide web into my own little world – a backyard that consists of a vegetable garden, my flower garden, a pool and big patio with an umbrella to shade me from the heat and sun.

I realized this morning that it’s almost August and I’ve only swam in my pool once this summer. I’ve basically been glued to my seat. And that’s good for productivity but it’s bad for my health. Everyone needs down time and it shouldn’t come in the form of a sick day. We shouldn’t wait for our bodies to tell us we need to slow down or stop completely. By then we may not be able to enjoy the break we need.

So this writer is going to slow the pace of her quest, if only for one day, and jump into that pool. I think a swim will do me good, both body and mind. It’ll be a great workout for tense muscles that have been sitting and clenching for days on end. And it’ll be good for my mind, to prevent burnout.

I’m going now, but I’ll be back tomorrow to continue my quest for that contract. Wherever your ‘world’ is, I hope you’ll be able to retreat to it and enjoy a day of summer fun!

See you here tomorrow!



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