Day 19

It’s time for Saturday Stacks! Before I dig in to my Saturday reading list, I have to say it’s been an interesting week. In order to keep this as short as possible (it’s just too danged hot for long today), I won’t go over my whole week, but you can catch up by clicking on any of the links to the days on my home page.

Upon checking my email today I found more than the usual amount of messages from Twitter telling me I had gotten a DM or direct message. After reading one or two, I knew they were all basically about the same subject. I love getting DMs. I have several writer friends that I shoot messages back and forth to on just about anything from writing to cats to foods ‘you have to try’. But today’s DMs were all about being hacked. My Twitter account has been hacked. I’ve had my email hacked (a long, drawn out aggravating experience with AOL or, as I call them, AOHell). I’ve had my Facebook hacked. For some reason, it never occurred to me that Twitter could be hacked too. I don’t know why. Unlike trying to fix the mess of an email account being hacked it seems that with Twitter it’s just a matter of changing one’s password. Done. If you know of anything else I need to do, don’t hesitate to give me a holler. As much as I’m taking part in all this social media, I still feel like such a newbie at times. Times like these. So…I’ll go from here and see what happens. It’s like anything else in life, right?

Now on to my Saturday Stacks! I’m finishing up several books that include ‘A Turn in the Road’ by Debbie Macomber and ‘Witches of East End’. Two books that are totally different. ‘Witches’ has kept me captivated and turning pages. ‘Turn’ delivers what Macomber always promises….you feel like you’re part of the small town life and her characters feel like old friends. I’m a big Debbie Macomber fan and doubt she will ever write a book that I won’t read. Just love her! As a matter of fact, last summer a good friend of mine who lives in South Carolina happened to be at a Costco-type warehouse store and met Debbie as she was signing her summer release ‘Summer on Blossom Street’. You can imagine my surprise when my friend shipped me an autographed copy of that book with a personal note from Debbie herself! I have to stop gushing and continue with my reading list before I get off further off track LOL.

New to my Saturday Stacks are ‘Mom in the Making’ by Kit Wilkinson. After reading a blog about how Kit came up with the idea for the story, I knew I had to read it. ‘Mom’ is based on the biblical story of Ruth and Naomi, mother and daughter-in-law struggling to survive after the death of their husband/son. It’s an inspiring story of how even during the worse times things can turn around. I am also reading ‘Kentucky Weddings’ a three in one collection by Christian writer Terry Fowler. I’ve been looking for stories set in Kentucky as part of the research for a story I would like to write and set in Kentucky. Kentucky is one of the most beautiful states I’ve ever seen, if only through cyber tours and pictures.

As for nonfiction books I am still reading ‘The Breakout Novelist’ by my dream agent, Donald Maass. I met Donald back in June at an agent/editor luncheon and was so impressed by him. I was already a big fan after reading all of his books but after meeting him I was stunned at how approachable he was. Another writer whom I have great respect for is Christina Katz. Years ago I read ‘Writer Mama’. As a published journalist, I am now seeking Christina’s advice on building an author platform through her newest book ‘Get Known before the Book Deal’. I’ve mentioned Christina before as her website and newslettter offer such great information. Since I’m knee deep in editing my novel Bethel Christmas Visitor, I am reading James Scott Bell’s book ‘Revision & Self-Editing’. Bell is the author of several writing guides as well as many fiction works. I consider him an expert and a great help to writers who, like me, are on a quest to get published.

So, here I am at Day 19 with hundreds of days to go on my quest to get that contract. And I will. I’m just grateful for all of you who follow along with me every day, who friend me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter. There’s nothing like having a good friend with you on a long journey!

Stay cool, stay hydrated and happy writing!



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