Day 18

It’s been a good day, despite the stifling three digit temps. It looks like here in the northeast the heat wave will continue on for at least one more day with record-breaking temperatures. There’s hope on the horizon though – Sunday may go back down into the nineties. Yeesh! I haven’t been crazy for summer since I was in my thirties, dipping sweaty toddlers into the baby pool.  Autumn is my favorite season and I’m waiting as patiently as I can for it.

It’s Friday but since I do not take days off from my work, TGIF doesn’t really mean all that much. Maybe a pizza tonight for dinner? Since I would be heading to yoga class this morning at 10am, I made it a point to be at my desk by 7am. I managed a good 1550 words on Garden Variety. I’m just loving the way this story is shaping up. Hopefully it’s not because I’m the only one reading it LOL.

After a quick shower and breakfast I headed to Yoga to find those two competitive sisters still trying to outdo how far they could stretch their legs. Sadly, I did not see the woman with all those bags who had been there last week. I guess she’s moved on and so I’ll have to write my own ending to the story. After yoga I was happy to catch up with an old friend for lunch. Though I was hungry enough to really nosh out on a good old cheeseburger, how hypocritical would that be after a session of yoga?  So I ordered the salad bar and an iced-tea, treating myself to a little bit of sugar. A girl’s gotta have some vices, right?

So now I’m back here at my keyboard, sharing with you what I’ve accomplished today. With everyone out of the house (with the exception of my son who works from home on Fridays), I just might grab a bottle of water and get back to work. It would be great to get the next chapter of Bethel Christmas Visitor edited.

So I’m off to work on this Friday afternoon! Hoping that wherever you’re saying TGIF from, you’re staying cool, drinking lots of water and having some summer fun!




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2 responses to “Day 18

  1. Larissa Lyons

    Good for you — choosing a salad over that greasy (drool-worthy) cheeseburger. Especially after yoga. 🙂 and thanks again for the inspiration…I’m doing yoga again, prompted by your great example.

    I’ve been focusing on self edits as well, in a totally different way from anything I’ve ever done before: I’m working through Margie Lawson’s Empowering Characters Emotions lecture packets and am finding an entirely new way to look at my manuscript. Good luck as you keep moving forward on yours!

    • That yoga is not only good for the body but for the mind as well LOL. Salad again today! Looks like I can’t even ‘try’ to eat junk. Too much guilt LOL.
      Glad you’re getting back into the yoga. I like it so much I bought a DVD for when the class ends on July 30.
      I have that ECE packet of Margie Lawson! I should pick it up again along with all the other stuff I am trying to read, learn or do 😀
      Let me know how it goes for you!

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