Day 17

Here in the northeast it’s boiling hot, and I’ve been cooking today! Going straight to my keyboard in the morning is definitely the way to go for me. I’m officially announcing it – I’m a morning person! I’ve been leaning in that direction but after comparing my output on days I started in the morning and days I started in the afternoon, there’s no denying it. As groggy as I am, mornings seem to be my most creative time.

Starting at 7am, I edited nine pages of Bethel Christmas Visitor, an inspirational women’s fiction story.  I did take a break at 9 to run my son to the train, refill the trough here so we all could eat (translation: 25 little plastic bags which are VERY sticky in 100 degree heat!) and eat lunch. But I returned to my desk to write 1700 words on Garden Variety, concluding chapter six of that story. I don’t know if I’m just too close to the story, but I’m having a great time! Things are heating up, both in the garden and in Lily’s life as she finds Douglas Wainwright in her backyard one hot morning.

Then there are the administrative duties of being a writer. I had several emails to answer, dates to mark in my calendar and a book to read and spread the word about for a fellow author. I also had private messages to answer on Facebook and Twitter. As an author who is building a platform I think it’s vital to stay on top of correspondence I get, whether through Facebook, Twitter or email. I appreciate the encouraging emails, the kind mentions on Twitter and the ‘you go girls!’  I get on Facebook. I’m glad to help writers who ask for advice about freelancing as I truly believe you reap what you sow. The help I extend will come back to me as I make my way down the path to being a published author.

And frankly it feels good to know that I’ve helped someone along the way, as a kind editor once mentored this then newbie freelancer more than twenty years ago.

Who have you given a hand up to today? Helping hands…they do a body good!



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