Day 14

Ugh! Get me to Tuesday in a hurry! I’ve always dreaded Mondays, going back to when I was a kid in grammar school. That feeling of dread began Sunday evening, and by the time I went to bed I had myself so worked up I was literally sick to my stomach. Though it’s not so dramatic anymore, I still don’t like Mondays.

I find myself starting out at a snail’s pace, making my way roundabout to my desk, heating and reheating my tea, slowly chewing my cereal, as if my mom were there telling me to chew my food thirty times, a number experts say is ideal for digestive health. For me, it’s a left over mindset from school days, but I know I’m not alone. Several writer friends have mentioned how they have to drag themselves to their desk on Mondays. Think back to those old posters from years ago with the little kitten hanging from the tree branch saying things like “Hang in there…it’s almost Friday” and “I hate Mondays!”. I have a feeling I’m in good company.

I did make it to my desk finally. While in the shower I had decided that I needed to get back to my completed novel. I am way behind on editing, and my goal is to get it sent out by the end of the year. Wow! Is July really half gone? That went fast. I only wish the editing on this novel would go as fast. I spent the entire day with a red pencil and a printed copy of my first draft. As I made changes on the screen, I made notes on the hard copy. Changes in word choice and rearranging sentences aren’t so tough but I soon found myself cutting scenes. I even had to kill off a few characters. I had known from the beginning that there might end up being a character or  two that had become dead wood. Today was pruning day and as much as I liked them, they had to go.

It was quite a workout for a Monday, and I would rather have watched a DVD from my I Love Lucy collection. But as I’ve said before, how would it look here if I skipped a day? Being slightly OCD, I just know a skip in my numbered days would drive me crazy. So I did what I said I was going to do. Hopefully now that I’ve made a dent in my work things will go a little smoother from here, but I’m ready for battle. I’ve sharpened my red pencil and tomorrow’s another day!

How do you get yourself motivated on a Monday morning?



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