Day 13

For someone who was still in pajamas at noon, I sure did get a lot done today. I managed to write 1300 new words on Garden Variety, a story that I’m liking more and more each day. I proofread a 1500 word blog post for an author friend and sent it back promptly. And the final check on my ‘to do’ list was the blog post I wrote for my local RWA writing chapter, Dunes & Dreams . I even managed to read 30 pages of a book that I’m reading for the local library’s book challenge. I don’t know where this burst of energy came from, but the feeling of accomplishment is great!

Having completed chapter 5 of Garden Variety, I’m eager to begin chapter 6, where main character Lily Kohler finally tries to  get in touch with Douglas Wainwright, the real estate developer who’s in town on business. In an earlier chapter, Douglas had given Lily a ride home since she had her arms full of supplies for the farm. So busy getting the over-sized tub of paint over to the work shed, she remembered the canisters on the floor of his backseat after he pulled away. The only problem is she isn’t quite sure how to track him down. Oh and she’s going to be wrestling with the urge to break open the locked box her mother had hidden in the attic for who knows how many years. I expect to have a great time writing tomorrow.

Well, it’s almost 7pm and Sunday just flew by. With the exception of a quick burger at the local diner, I spent most of it at my desk. It’s time to call it a day and go spend a little time outside with my cat farm. The temps have dropped, there’s a nice breeze and there’s a chaise lounge just calling my name!

Hope you made the most of your weekend! Please come back tomorrow….I never did like Mondays and I can use the company!



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