Day 11

Better late than never, right? That’s exactly the kind of day I had today. Most mornings I’m feeling the pull, the urge, to go straight to my keyboard and write. For the last few days I’ve written more than 1500 words each morning starting at 6:30. But today is Friday and I treated myself to sleeping in, if you can call sleeping a half hour later sleeping in. Then I let myself have a leisurely morning. No eating at my desk. No rushing around multi-tasking, trying to get everything done in record time, like I usually do. I enjoyed a relaxing breakfast and actually tasted my hot tea as opposed to gulping it down hot or, more commonly, reaching for my cup to find it ice cold. Today I was starting my first day of Vinyasa Yoga. I wanted to start the day in a calm state of mind.

The teacher was a lovely girl. No, I guess I should say woman because she was probably in her mid to late twenties. It just seems as I get older anyone under 30 seems like a kid. I can tell you I was pleased to look around the room and find the majority of my classmates, with one or two exceptions,  were over 50. One woman was closer to 70. It’s nice to be one of the ‘kids’ for a change 😀

I don’t know what Vinyasa means. I’ll be honest. I didn’t even Google it, and I always do my homework. My own definition is stretching the body into a human pretzel and trying to breathe correctly at the same time. Can we say ‘out of shape’, boys and girls? Ouch. I may be on the petite, feather weight side but the old saying says ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’. For all the women I’ve talked to over the years who marveled at how I in shape I am, trust me. In my case it’s not being in good shape it’s just getting thin genes from my mom. As I type this, I’m praying for the aching in my legs, arms, shoulders and back to have mercy on me. But all in all, it was a good experience. The writer in me found it quite stimulating actually.

Oh, I did the best I could with bending, stretching and posing but my eyes couldn’t help but wander around the room. If I had been a cat I wouldn’t have survived long. I’m too curious about people. There was the oriental woman who spoke no English and yet followed the teacher’s poses effortlessly. The two women who turned out to be sisters seemed to be in direct competition, trying hard to prove who was the more skilled at standing on one leg. Most interesting of all was the woman who seemed to have brought everything she owned to class, the dirty duffle bags stacked carefully behind her. Was she homeless? Running away from something? Would a homeless person even care about taking a yoga class? Would a runaway dare being seen at a local library? Then again, she seemed a bit old to be a runaway.  What a great idea….a woman in midlife runs away from home and starts a new life……The story possibilities were flowing and there I was, in the down dog position, the blood flowing to my head and no way I could grab a pen and paper.

You can bet that as soon as the class ended I pulled my notebook out of my tote bag and jotted down a few notes. Glancing around as I wrote, I watched as the woman with the duffle bags pulled one after the other across her shoulders and headed out the door silently. While the other women made their way over to the teacher to ask questions, she had walked out the door. Will she make it back to the next class? Who knows? I know one thing for sure. I’ll be returning next week and not just for the yoga.

Better pack a smaller pad and pen…one that I might be able to hide under my yoga mat just in case I need to make a quick note of something.


p.s. Despite the aching and late start I did manage to write 1300 words on Garden Variety, the story that keeps surprising me at every turn!



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2 responses to “Day 11

  1. Larissa Lyons

    Awesome post. You’ve inspired me. Going to do some yoga now…

    • When i started writing this post the words just seemed to tumble on to the page. That class really did ‘fill the well’, something I’ve talked about before. I just might venture into some other classes and activities but not too many. It could turn in to a fun way of procrastinating and I need to remember that my writing goals come first! Thanks for the good cheer!

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