Day 10

It’s been a good day, so I’m calling it a day. This morning I was at my desk writing by 6:30. I’m beginning to find that as much as I didn’t think so, I am a morning person. During the writing of my first novel, I did most of my writing between 5:30 and 6:30 in the morning. This was partly because I was up anyway since I had to drop my son off at the train station. It was also because I just don’t sleep as well as I used to. Funny how things change. Years ago I could have used an ‘automatic alarm’ system that woke me up at 5:30 each morning. It’s a common time for babies to often need one thing or another. I can still remember how deeply I could sleep and how I had to drag myself out of bed for those early risings. Now I have a working nineteen year old who has no problem hopping in a cab in the wee hours and another who could sleep all day. And of course now my body doesn’t know the meaning of sleeping deeply. On the positive side, I’m finding those early hours are the best times to get some good writing in. The last two mornings are proof of that with 1900+ and 2100+ word counts in a row.  Though years ago I would have never believed it, it looks like  I can now say I am a morning person.

The 2100+ words I wrote on Garden Variety took a direction I hadn’t even thought of. Whether it was just a burst of inspiration or my characters leading the way, I’m not sure. But it looks like the Kohler girls are finding out that, like themselves, their mother has some secrets from her past too. After all, before she was their mother she was a woman herself, right? LOL. Chapter 5 has the three sisters rooting around in the attic, looking for Iris’ old Matt Dillon poster, the one she had to hang on the inside of her closet door because her parents wouldn’t let her go see The Outsiders. The girls grew up knowing how their mother felt about wild and troublesome boys. Now they’re about to find out that their mother had her own ‘wild and troublesome boy’ back before she met their father. A hand crafted wooden box with a small lock and the initials ‘V.K.’ holds tales that make the girls wonder if they really knew their mother at all.

I expect that tomorrow the girls and I will be finding out more about Vira Kohler, their mother and owner of that wooden box. I’m planning to turn in early tonight so I can get to work bright and early….I’m starting to really enjoy being a morning person.

For my readers who are writers, what time of day do you do your best storytelling? Are you a morning person or do you find yourself most creative when you’re burning the midnight oil? I’m always curious about how other writers get those pages written!




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2 responses to “Day 10

  1. Larissa Lyons

    My creative time varies tremendously from one day and one week to the next but Chris, those are some awesome word count! Congratulations. 🙂

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