Day 9

Finally! After two very unproductive days, at least as far as word counts, I’m happy to say this has been a good one. Last night I vowed to get up early and hit the keyboard. And I did. By 6:30 this morning I was armed with a cup of hot chocolate and a CD of my favorite songs courtesy of my daughter. Though there was a fair share of typing, deleting, and thesaurus checking, I’m pleased with my day’s work. I added just over 1900 words to my second novel, Garden Variety. I’m at the midway mark in chapter 4 and my main character finds herself enjoying a trip down memory lane with the sister who stole her boyfriend two decades ago. It’s amazing how a simple pizza can make peace between two sisters. It’s the bottle of wine all three sisters share later that night while rummaging through the attic later that causes fireworks. Ah, but you’ll have to read the book to find out what’s in store for the Kohler sisters. When I get ‘the call’ I’ll be sure to let you know when to expect it on the shelf at your bookstore.

As for the novel that I am knee deep in editing it’s been a good day as well. Chapter 4 is almost complete and shaping up nicely. What I’m finding as I go along are not only better word choices but fragments of a subplot that slipped out of my fingers as the story progressed.  I still like it and I’m going to be sure to weave that in as I move along in my editing.

Writing a novel is so different from writing feature articles, but I’m starting to feel that, like feature writing, the more I write the better I’ll get. I don’t know if I’ll come to the point where I can boast of being an award winning novelist as I can about my article credits, but I’ve added it to my ‘pie in the sky’ goal list. Speaking of pie in the sky goals, I also have ‘seeing my name in the RWR magazine’, ‘a book signing at a NYC bookstore’ and ‘having a book reviewed in Romantic Times Books Review magazine’ on that list as well. There are a few more that I’ll reveal in time but for now these will do.

So for those of you who are writers, what are some of your pie in the sky goals? Don’t be shy. We’re all friends here and we’re all on the same journey! Share!




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4 responses to “Day 9

  1. I’m in awe that you can edit and write two different books at the same! When I was editing my first contracted book, I couldn’t focus on anything new! How do you do it?

  2. Hi Gina!
    I think my background in journalism enables me to do it. In the past I always juggled more than one story at a time. Oftentimes, the articles I was working on were in different stages. I would be interviewing experts for one, researching for another, finishing one, and rewriting for an editor on yet another. So I always juggled several balls in the air, so to speak.

    I break my work day into segments by working on my current novel first thing in the day (starting at 6/6:30 in the morning). When the day’s writing is done, I pack up the notes, novel notebook and anything associated with that novel. I then pull out my notebook and hard copy of the completed novel I’m editing and begin work on that one. Though they are both women’s fiction, one is for the inspirational market and in my mind that does help. I wish I had more I could offer but that’s about it.

    I’d love to hear more about your book! I’ll be sure to stop by your site and thanks so much for following along! Hope you’ll drop in again!

  3. I have a background in journalism too! Great! I need to read my own post today entitle, Fears, Doubts and Excuses!! 🙂 And your “plan” is really simple and to be honest, I’ve done it before, but probably dealing with fears, doubts, and excuses with this WIP because it’s so close to my heart, I don’t want to mess it up! It’s my first attempt at Women’s fiction and my contracted novella is in a genre I didn’t start out in and don’t even read much! Contemporary romance with a mystery. The mystery is the part I loved, but the romance was fun, too!! Glad to connect and it’s always fun to hear what other writer’s have to say!

    • I’d love to check out that post, Gina! I can always use the extra push! I read a lot of women’s fiction but when I’m writing it I’m always doubting whether it’s ‘real’ women’s fiction I’m writing. Guess we’re all plagued by doubts…and excuses don’t even get me started. I’ve used them all.
      Contemp romance with mystery sounds like a challenge but fun too! It’s good to talk with you here! Hope you’ll pop in often and offer your thoughts!

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