Day 7

Well, as far as writing goes I might have to call this day a bust. Feeling pretty lousy from the get-go, I did plan on getting some writing done. Once sitting at the keyboard I realized that a heavy, painful head might not be at its most creative. Just so I could at least stay connected to my story, I played around with a few characters sketches. I also put together a GMC chart for my protagonist and her two sisters. Stuffy head and all I was quite surprised to learn a few things I didn’t know just days before. So I’ll recommend that on those days when you just can’t write, for whatever reason, you might want to try some exercises like these.

But the day might not be a total loss. I caught up on reading several of the trade magazines that have been sitting on my desk for too long. If I wasn’t going to work the creative side, the least I could do, I told myself, was work the business side. I did a little research on a half-dozen or so literary agencies I’ve been following on Twitter. I learned the names of their agents, the writers they represent and their submission guidelines. Though this information won’t add to my word count and it won’t get my novel closer to completion, it will be very valuable when I’m ready tosubmit.

Having spent the entire day inside, by late afternoon I was feeling the urge to venture out for just a bit of that hot, stuffy air. I don’t know what it is, but each summer I get to a point where after entire days in the air-conditioned house I need to get out. It begins to feel like a snow globe and like a kid who’s got cabin fever, I have to make a break for it.

What luck! Today was free slurpee day at participating 7/11 Stores. Thanks again to Colleen Lindsay (whom I enjoy reading and learning from on Twitter) for the heads up. With a Coca-Cola slurpee in hand, I happily retreated back to my snow globe, having had my taste of  another hot summer day. Tomorrow I’ll be back at my keyboard, making up for lost time and I might even buy myself a  slurpee.

What do you do when you can’t write but want to stay productive and connected to your current WIP? I’d love to jot down your suggestions in case of another ‘can’t write’ day.

See you back here tomorrow for Day 8!



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