Day 6

Knowing full well that I could not miss my favorite television pastor this morning, I bounded out of bed a little before 7am. My plan was to feed my cat farm (two inside; eight outside), get at least 1000 words down on Garden Variety, and then sit down and listen to today’s sermon. And where there’s a will there’s a way.

A few minutes before 8am, when the first sermon airs, I had written 1100 words, fed all ten cats and was seated in front of the television, notebook on my lap. Over the years I have heard many pearls of wisdom during these sermons and I don’t like to forget them.

I’m pleased with the first four pages of chapter four of Garden Variety. The handsome stranger that has caught Lily’s eye is meeting the fiancee of his beloved sister, who turns out to be none other than Norris Atwood, the lawyer Lily had worked for years ago. The man who had tried his best to win her attention, impossible it seems when a woman has been burned like Lily. Of course Douglas  Wainwright doesn’t know this. His sister, Cheryl, who is engaged to Norris doesn’t know her brother has met Lily. And Lily has no idea that the man whose first choice was her will soon be the brother-in-law of Douglas Wainwright, the handsome real estate developer whom she has no plans of ever running into again. Yes, it’s a hot mess right now, but it’s more than a love story. It’s about the relationship between sisters, good and bad. I get so excited thinking about it and plotting the next step in my head, it makes me want to head back to work.

But it’s Sunday and I do like to reserve Sundays for family and retrospection. It’s the perfect day to get outside, get a little color (I don’t know what’s whiter, my legs or the blank computer screen), and read a good book.

Today’s books will include Elin Hilderbrand’s ‘The Island’, Debbie Macomber’s newest nonfiction release ‘God’s Guest List’ and some good career reading by Donald Maass, ‘The Breakout Novelist’.  I know. It’s an unusual mix, but like a good story you need that mix of completely different elements to keep your attention.

So what will you be reading on this beautiful Sunday afternoon?



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