Day 5

It’s Saturday and normally I get my writing done early so I can play! Everyone needs some downtime. Even those of us on a quest for a contract and building a bestselling writer’s career.

I did not get to my keyboard at 6am. I didn’t even get out of bed until after 7am, which is ‘sleeping in’ for me. Having planned an outing with my 16 year old daughter, I didn’t even turn on my desktop. We were due to leave for the Frisbeedog competition at 10am. Luckily, the rain and humidity we’ve been stuck with for several days moved on, hopefully not to your neck of the woods. I wouldn’t wish that on anybody. Though the day was calling for close to ninety degree temps, humidty would be low and all in all it was going to be a good day.

The competition is actually called the Alan Michalak Memorial Disc Dog Competition. To make a long story short, Alan Michalak owned 4 yellow labs that he started a local frisbee competition with. Michalak passed away suddenly in 2009 and his friend, Dan, took over the competition noting today that Alan would have never thought anyone would come out for it. Attendance was free; participants paid a ten dollar fee which went towards the upkeep of Michalak’s dogs.

Being a crazy cat lady, I had been interested in going to the event just to see dogs leap in mid air and catch frisbees, a skill I will no doubt never master 😀 These dogs did not disappoint. I can’t think of a better way to spend a summer afternoon. I sat on the lawn, under an oversized tree, shaded and enjoying a cool breeze. What I had been sure would have only been a two hour visit ended up being closer to four hours of smiling, laughing and talking to the nicest dog people. And the dogs were extremely social too!

Driving home I felt just a small pang of guilt as I thought about how it was getting late and I had not even written a sentence. Then I started thinking about all the people I had met. I thought of the photographer, the artist, the empty nest couple who just became the proud ‘dog parents’ of a golden retriever puppy. There was the guy who I was certain was a bachelor, walking his border collie, lingering near a group of young women. Could he be shopping for a wife?

Thinking of all the characters I had just met and all the story possibilities that I could invent from this one day out made me realize that while I hadn’t written one word, I had been in writer mode regardless. My mind was conjuring up all kinds of stories. I was filling the well, something that I’ve heard a dozen times if not more. We writers all need a day to put down our pens, shut off our computers and just fill the well. For how else can we make up worlds and populate them with people if we don’t go beyond our own little world?

So I’m going to sit down now with a glass of iced tea, a pad and pen, and just jot down whatever comes to mind, storing it for the next story.

What do you do to fill the well? Please share your ideas with me and as I come up with more ideas, I promise to share them with you.

Thanks for stopping by on this beautiful Saturday!

Until Day 6…Chris


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