Day 4

It’s Friday! Day 4 has been a productive day. I did not add any new words on to my current WIP, Garden Variety. But hold the tomatoes, please! I finally added the links to the home page of this blog that I’ve been meaning to add since Day 1. Realizing I’d forgotten to mention my affiliations on the ‘about’ page I did that too.

Besides this blog, I have another blog called Faith, Hope and Inspiration that has been sorely neglected. The last post was early March when I excitedly shared with my readers the good news that my first novel was finished! So today I updated that blog and for those of you that follow inspirational blogs, you might enjoy reading today’s post at

But on to writing. As I had promised in my Day 3 post I worked on editing chapter 3 of Bethel Christmas Visitor and am pleased that I completed it. At twelve pages, it was several hours of work but well worth it. I definitely see a stronger chapter that has improved one hundred percent. I’m excited to be moving on to chapter 4 tomorrow. And of course tomorrow in the wee hours (most likely around 6am) I will be here at my desk working on Garden Variety. This story is shaping up nicely and I have to say I’ve become quite fond of the Kohler sisters, Lily and Ella, who run the family flower farm. They are teaching me much about agriculture and a sweet, slower lifestyle that few towns offer here on Long Island.

On a side note, I took some time to catch up on industry news, mainly from reading assorted blogs by editors, agents and of course print magazines. If you can, catch the July/August issue of Fast Company magazine. There’s a great article titled “Happily Ever After” featuring Carina Press editor Angela James. It’s an issue you can be sure I’ll be keeping in my ‘keeper’ pile.

That’s all for Day 4. It’s another humid day, I’ve got another headache, but I’ll be back tomorrow without fail so join me here for Day 5!




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2 responses to “Day 4

  1. Proud of you and your goal, Chris. Here’s to you having a contract and a reason to celebrate in Anaheim.

    • Thank you for stopping by, Anna! And thanks so much for your support. It really means a lot. When I get that contract, I’ll be sure to let you
      know and we can celebrate! It’s great to have good friends to share a victory with! Hope you’ll stop by the blog again!

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