Day 3

I’m calling it a day rather early today. Between the heat, humidity and the headache I still haven’t gotten rid of from yesterday’s humidity, I’m done. Add to that the fact that I barely slept three hours. My husband has bronchitis and the wracking sounds kept me up most of the night, as well as the bed that shook like an aftershock each time he coughed. Kind of like sleeping with a circus seal during an earthquake LOL.

Regardless of headaches, heat and lack of sleep, I managed to hit the keyboard at 6am and produce 2600 words on Garden Variety,  most of which I am very pleased with. After hearing from author friend Larissa Lyons, I decided not to get too involved in research today but did look into treating black spot on rose bush leaves. Not only will it help my main character, but I’ve got the same problem in my own yard right now. Hopefully at least one of us will get rid of those ugly black leaves and enjoy a healthy blooming bush soon.

I haven’t started editing the next chapter of Bethel Christmas Visitor but that’s ok. It’s on the back burner, simmering on low, waiting for Day 4 to begin. You can be sure I’ll get to it, if only because I’m telling you I will. I don’t like to break promises, and this blog has given me a tremendous reason to be accountable in my work.

I’ll probably just sit down on the sofa, enjoy the air conditioning, and do something mindless….television, maybe? But no doubt once my head stops throbbing I’ll pick up the novel notebook I am keeping for Garden Variety (something I do for each novel and a future blog topic I promise) and jot down the wonderful ideas that came to me in this morning’s shower. Good thing I’m writing this blog as it is jogging my early morning memories.

So for today I sign off. I’ll be back tomorrow and I hope you’ll meet me here and cheer me on as I move on to Day 4!



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  1. Larissa Lyons

    Glad I could help 🙂 and sorry to hear about the headache :-(. I think researching the black spots, since it can help both you and your story made sense, and I’m looking forward to hearing more about your notebook. I use spirals like crazy. My problem is I grab the closest one at hand so typically have story scenes in five or six different notebooks at a time…

    Awesome word count, btw. I’m in that pre-writing/planning phase where nothing much is countable but the story is cranking in my mind.

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