Day 2

Well, Day 2 has come to a close and I’m ready to take a breather. Despite starting late in the day, actually after twelve noon, it was a productive day. I began the edits on Chapter 3 of Bethel Christmas Visitor and wrote 1200 new words on Garden Variety, a story that I am thoroughly enjoying.

The difference I’m finding with Garden Variety is that there is more research involved. Yes, I did do some basic research and fact-finding before I even typed “Chapter One”. I even made a few phone calls to a local real estate company in the town that my story takes place, or at least the town that neighbors my story.  I like to make up my own little ‘worlds’ but to give it a ‘real’ feeling I set them around another town I can use actual details about it. Somehow it just seems to make my own town feel real.

Today while writing several little bumps in the road popped up and slowed my pace. So as not to lose my momentum, I simply put in some dashes with a note in parenthesis so I would know where to come back to later. There were a few things that I just didn’t know off the top of my head about my main character’s flower farm. So before I even hit the keyboard tomorrow I expect to be surfing the net and learning a little more about things like what diseases plague roses, what fertilizer to use on an English garden and a few other things that I realized today I just don’t know about. After all, I owe it to my future readers to be factually correct.

So to my followers who are writers I ask you this: how much research do you do before you even set down those very first words? And during the first draft, how often do you find yourself looking up tidbits of information in order to proceed along? Research seems to be a weak spot for me as I always stop myself short for fear of spending too much time researching and never quite getting to the story.

I’d love to hear your thoughts! Join me tomorrow as I continue on to Day 3  and another day in the life of a writer on a Countdown to Contract!




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3 responses to “Day 2

  1. Larissa Lyons

    Hey Chris — love your new blog. This was the other design I seriously considered using for mine. 🙂

    As for research, it can totally derail my progress so I always try to get the story out first using brackets [in the text like this] to make notes on anything I need to research later. I’ve learned to save the researching for the polishing phase otherwise I might spend time (days!) looking up something for a scene or plot point that never makes it into the final story.

    • Hey there! So glad you like my new blog and so glad you had a chance to stop by! Don’t you just love this design? I couldn’t find a better one for someone
      writing a book 😀

      This is my problem – getting derailed with research. I’ve actually been doing what you do, putting in blanks and brackets with a note to myself to come back to later.
      Of course the ‘later’ ends up being the problem, as I get busy, life interferes and I end up doing the research the next day along with another day’s questions.
      I’m letting out a deep breath in relief. I was thinking of leaving the research for the first round of edits but worried it might hurt the story. But I’ll give it a shot and see how it goes! just don’t want to lose my momentum or the excitement I’m feeling writing the story!

      • Larissa Lyons

        Consider saving the research for your 1st round self-edits, after the story is done, when you’re ready to polish individual chapts.

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