Follow me on my quest!

The holiday is over and, for me, the nose is to the grindstone and the race is on!

After leaving the world of journalism in 2008, I dabbled in fiction. I began with essay writing but, without a passion for it, soon lost interest in the form. I came up with several short story ideas but somehow couldn’t seem to get them down. These last three years have been a learning period for me; a transformation from short, tight and journalistic writing to a longer, more creative form of writing.

In February I finally finished my first novel, no small feat at 85K words. The feeling was both exhilarating and exhausting. I was spent. Not wanting to get off track or take too long a break, I began work on my second novel only to find that after a few chapters it wasn’t gelling. With the spring flowers in bloom and my own rose garden blooming wildly, a new idea came to mind and Garden Variety, my second novel, sprouted forth. I’m happy to say it’s moving along well and each day another great idea for the plot seems to bud.

Though I’ve long held the goal of becoming a published novelist, after following the adventures of several novelist friends on Twitter as they attended the annual Romance Writers of America conference (RWA#11), the urge to be publish has, like the flowers in my novel, taken over the landscape of my mind. I can’t weed, or in this case, write fast enough to meet the growing urge to get that novel published.

So here I am on this the first day of my quest to get that contract! Aptly named, Countdown to Contract will (hopefully) be a daily chronicle of my this upcoming year, July 5, 2011 to July 5, 2012, as I strive to complete my novels, send them out into the universe and sign my very first publishing contract!

Please come along with me…I’d love the company!




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2 responses to “Follow me on my quest!

  1. Fabulous Idea, Chris!!! I join with you! Beth

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