Day 1

Well I can’t believe I’m still sitting here at my keyboard, having first sat down at 9:30 this morning and having only gotten up once to grab a quick bite. Thankfully, I remembered reading somewhere about the importance of getting up and moving your legs every hour – check! But other than those quick jumps out of the chair, I’ve been sitting here plugging away.

I won’t deny it. I may not be the world’s most prolific writer or the best writer, but one thing I am is honest and I admit to perusing Twitter, Facebook and a few stray writing sites. Regardless, I met my goals for Day 1. Chapter 2 of Bethel Christmas Visitor has gone through the first round of edits and tomorrow it’s on to Chapter 3. I did not get any new words down (grimacing) but you can bet that’s on my calendar for Day 2 and hereon in. After all, it’s just the first day, right?

So I’ve checked in and I’m pumped up!

Meet me back here tomorrow, same bat time, same bat channel….and let’s see how far I’ve come!



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